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"13 Years Of Melancholia"

CD + Single/7" · Box

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Release: December 2022
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Darkrad - 13 Years Of Melancholia CD + Single/7

Darkrad returns to audiophob with a celebration release for the project’s 13th anniversary. The box set “13 Years of Melancholia” contains a CD with new material, concert lives and remixes from Mandelbrot, Aphexia, Chaotalion, Anatoly Grinberg and Alarmen, as well as a joint track with Flint Glass. Furthermore you’ll find a 7” single with two additional brand new tracks and a set of photo prints. Jana Komaritsa, the mastermind behind Darkrad, is a multidisciplinary artist, who wears many hats in the creative world – from visual arts to music, curation and event promotion, to videography and performance. The new release is a subtle mix of various electronic music genres, with focus being kept on the realm of dark ambient, where Darkrad continues experiments with voice and soundscapes, creating a murky atmosphere of her dark and intimate universe, where pure unrestrained emotions are brought to the surface. “13 Years of Melancholia” is welcoming you to join Darkrad’s sophisticated artistic journey, where you might either find or lose yourself, while wandering in the gloomy and melancholic passageways of the artist’s mystery. “Melancholy is one of the most profound feelings. It offers your soul the comfort, while at the same time drowns you into anguish, being quiet, pervasive and emotional at the same time.” – Jana Komaritsa.
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1.01 You Are True
2.02 Sentenced To Love
3.03 Blaze Forever
4.04 In Haze (Feat. Flint Glass)
5.05 Neverending Heights
6.06 Liberation
7.07 Black Mask (Live In Regina, Sk, Canada)
8.08 Night Within Us (Live In Buenos Aires, Argentina)
9.09 Sleepwalking (Live At Fargo Nose Fest, Nd, Usa)
10.10 The Waves (Live In Minneapolis, Mn, Usa)
11.11 Night Within Us (Chaotalion Remix)
12.12 Ogromnoe Nebo (Digression By Aphexia)
13.13 She Lives In Me (Mandelbrot Remix)
14.14 Solace (Anatoly Grinberg Remix)
15.15 Neverending Days (End Of The Year Remix By Alarmen)
16.A Melancholia
17.B Through The Wind