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"Ins dunkle Land (Limited Red Vinyl)"

LP + Single/7"

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Release: December 2022
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Darkwood - Ins dunkle Land (Limited Red Vinyl) LP + Single/7

When it comes to classic German neofolk albums DARKWOODs „Ins dunkle Land“ definetely needs mentioning along with it’s predecessor “Notwendfeuer” and German classics like Forsetis “Erde” or Sonne Hagals “Jordanfrost”.

Songs like “Nothing Left To Lose”, “Caucasian Tales” or “Flammend Morgen“ still proof to be timeless anthems of early German Neofolk and can be found in their setlist up to date.

Originally released 2009 on their band’s own label “Heidenvolk” on CD only, this is the first time ever “Ins dunkle Land” is available on vinyl with reworked artwork.

LICHTERKLANG in cooperation with DARWKOOD therefore now releases “Ins dunkle Land” in a limited edition of 400 copies, 200 on black vinyl and 200 on red vinyl while both versions include a 7” on black vinyl containing the more experimental tracks of the album.
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1.A1 Caucasian Tales
2.A2 Like Chatter
3.A3 Break Of Dawn
4.A4 Nothing Left To Lose
5.A5 Trauermantel
6.B1 Bunter Staub
7.B2 Flammend Morgen
8.B3 Rancourt
9.B4 Schattenmal
10.B5 Schieferkreuze
11.A Schattenfahrt
12.B Grillenspiel