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Das Ich

"Antichrist (Re-Release)"


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Release: November 2020
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Das Ich - Antichrist (Re-Release) CD

For some the 2002 Release is the milestone in Das Ichs career as leading Gothic industrial band. Reciting works of Nietzsche the electronic-synphonic mix had never been so earcatchy and perfectly arranged. Songs as "Das dunkle Land", "Engel", "Vater" and "Keimzeit" are remarkable parts of internation Gothic playlists The new Edition brushes up the masterpiece and offers a remastered version, which shows more dynamic, without the overdose of brickwall limiting of those days. Also included are three remixes: "Keimzeit", "Engel" and "Sodom und Gomorra". The artwork is extended with a new Cartonbox and extra pages from missing artwork of the original version.
InfraRot sales rank:1,801
InfraRot item number:2006.957
Label:Danse Macabre
Label's catalogue number:6412370DM
3.Grund Der Erde
5.Krieg Im Paradies
6.Tor Zur Hölle
7.Garten Eden
8.Das Dunkle Land
9.Sodom Und Gomorra
10.Der Achte Tag
11.Keimzeit (Club-Mix)
12.Engel (Luzifer-Mix)
13.Sodom Und Gomorra (Endzeit-Mix)