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David Galas

"The Ghosts Of California"


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Release: 2012
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David Galas - The Ghosts Of California CD

'The Ghosts Of California' is the so far latest album by David Galas. He continues to follow his unique style of dark-rock as the album focuses on the decline of America in a broken post-apocalyptic world of dust and abandoned cities. On this third opus, David employs more acoustic and standard song writing while integrating his heavy production known throughout his previous two albums. Layered guitars and harmonized vocals are trademark again on this album. You can hear influences from his previous band Lycia.

The album features 13 tracks including 'The Ghosts of California', 'Everything and Nothing' or 'The Killing Tree' and also this album has a running time of 70+ minutes!
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InfraRot item number:2011.708
Label's catalogue number:TW1.03
1.Intro (Sect VIII)
2.Ghosts Of The American Dream
3.Everything And Nothing
4.The Killing Tree
5.The Ghosts Of California (Sect IX)
7.My Struggle
8.The Final Solution
9.Last Call
10.Into The Fire (Inst.)
11.Last Days Of The War (Acoustic Version)
12.The Days Of Fall