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David Sinfield/League Of Nations

"Oblique Strategy / Music For The New Depression"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
David Sinfield/League Of Nations - Oblique Strategy / Music For The New Depression CD

Sometimes, things just happen, rather unexpectedly, as... who has not tried to track down a copy of the two records "For a Moment" (12"EP, Taursus, 1982) and, of course, the "Music for the New Depression" (MLP, Glaze, 1984), from LEAGUE OF NATIONS - two of those "holy grails" of minimal synth music, so highly sought-after, much money paid for, and eventually bootlegged. And who has not tried to track down this one DAVID SINFIELD from somewhere around Los Angeles, USA, the main person behind this one band, the LEAGUE OF NATIONS?Well, neither you found David, nor did we!So what actually happened was... that David found Anna, ya, it's as simple as that, sometimes!So, almost exactly two years after first contact, Anna Logue Records is over the moon to release the complete works of DAVID SINFIELD and the early incarnation of LEAGUE OF NATIONS. The artwork was designed upon David's remarks on the original design: "The cover of "Music for the New Depression" was originally to be done on light grey parchment with azure blue letters and thin white shadowing all about. Glass Records thought it would look too much like a "factory" (read Joy Divison product) and changed the colour! Imagine that. The Sinfield album came with a jacket showing a silhouette of New York Harbour (NY Two) with the now destroyed World Trade Center at forefront.", painstakingly assembled from the original promotional 12"'s booklet and other bits by no-one else than Steve Lippert. The audio material was equally painstakingly and delicately restored and mastered by Stefan Bornhorst and sounds nothing but awesome.

This is a dream come ...
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Label:Anna Logue Records
1.Sinfield~David · Oblique Strategy2:12
2.Sinfield~David · Ny Two3:09
3.Sinfield~David · Rosegardens2:58
4.Sinfield~David · Sombre Whales5:01
5.Sinfield~David · Laurue3:40
6.Sinfield~David · Evenings2:46
7.Sinfield~David · Visions (Pt1)/canon4:18
8.League Of Nations · Fade4:24
9.League Of Nations · Systematic Eyes3:50
10.League Of Nations · Thin Ice Door3:41
11.League Of Nations · For A Moment4:58
12.League Of Nations · Illuminous4:04
13.League Of Nations · Overlord4:44
14.League Of Nations · Index Of Motion5:00
15.League Of Nations · Fade4:22
16.League Of Nations · Systematic Eyes3:48
17.League Of Nations · For A Moment4:45