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Dawn Of Ashes

"Hollywood Made In Gehenna"


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Veröffentlichung: 2021
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Dawn Of Ashes - Hollywood Made In Gehenna CD

Nach einem Ausflug in den Metalbereich (Metalblade Rec.) kehrt die Band in neuem Soundgewand zurück! Genial produzierter Industrial-Rock im Stile von Marilyn Manson!

Mastermind Kristof Bathory/Dawn of Ashes über die EP: "'Hollywood Made In Gehenna' is based on all ov my experiences being in the Hollywood area. The word Gehenna comes from the Hebrew bible which is a place in the Jewish Hell where all the filth & trash ends up. Basically, it's a wasteland in Hell & that is how I look at Hollywood. From my sexual experiences with whorish females, to the low lives, the depressing drug addicts, the fake musicians, to the mentally deranged homeless creatures that wonder the streets. I am basically using Gehenna as a metaphor towards the way I look at Hollywood. Welcome to Gehenna!"
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InfraRot Artikelnummer:2011.791
1.The Dawn Of Ashes (Reincarnation In Blood)
2.Hollywood Made In Gehenna
3.Fuck Like You're In Hell
4.Further Into The Abyss
5.Hollywood Made In Gehenna (Falling Skies Remix)
6.Further Into The Abyss (Freakangel Remix)
7.Hollywood Made In Gehenna (X-fusion Remix)