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Dawn Of Ashes

"The Crypt Injection II"


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Release: January 2019
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Dawn Of Ashes - The Crypt Injection II CD

Dawn Of Ashes returns with The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam). Dawn of Ashes has returned to the band's roots of the Industrial and Dark-Electro sound. After many years, DOA has decided to return to the old sound while being in the new. The Crypt Injection II returns to the old sound of the first Crypt Injection with a hybrid sound of Industrial Metal. Dawn Of Ashes awakens the fire within the downfall of our society and shows the darkness that opens the true meaning of Rebellion and the Black Flame
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1.Thirteen Chants To Lilith
2.Reborn In Fire
3.The Serpents Of Eden
5.Slaves To The Addiction
6.Sitra Ahra
7.The Spirit Of Anger
8.Hexcraft (Featuring Johan Van Roy)
9.Abuse The Abuser
10.Non Serviam
11.Entering The Realm Of Shadows
12.Ahriman (Hocico Remix)
13.Slaves To The Addiction (Chris Vrenna Remix)