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De Brassers

"1979 - 1982 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021-06-18
Status: New release in 43 days
De Brassers - 1979 - 1982 (Limited Edition) 2LP

De Brassers were one of the most notorious bands in the Belgian new wave/punk history. With their no nonsense attitude they scared the shit out of the local catholic community of Hamont. De Brassers were a local mixture of the Sex Pistols (in the lowest gear) and Joy Division (they always performed a cover version of Joy Division’s Shadowplay), combining a criticism of bureaucracy and politics with experiences of psychological and existential tensions. The doomed sound they produced tells a lot about the dark atmosphere of the late seventies and early eighties: the fear of atomic bombs, cold war pessimism, police violence against squatters, the first cases of AIDS, and the grim years of Reagan & Thatcher.

This compilation takes you back to that time. All tracks from their first 7″ "En Toen Was Er Niets Meer” & their self-titled 12″, plus rare & unreleased tracks taken from various live performances & the cassette “Levend”. If you’re in for a raw slice of Belgian history let de Brassers immerse you in a cold wave of punk.
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2.En Toen Was Er Niets Meer
4.(Aka Ik Wil Eruit)
6.They Wanted Us Away
7.Sick In Your Mind
8.The Scream
9.He Lives In His Dreams
10.If There Is Something
11.Neo I (Rise And Fall)
12.Neo Ii (I Wanna Be On My Own)
13.Neo Iii (Living On The Edge)
14.Neo Vii (Lean On Me)
15.I'm Not Afraid Of You
16.The Last Time
17.I Lost Control Again
18.My Night