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"Citybeats (Digibook Edition)"



Release: June 2018
Status: Sold out
De/Vision - Citybeats (Digibook Edition) 2CD

The Limited edition of DE/VISION’s all new album comes in a deluxe 24-pages Digibook and including an exclusive-bonus CD, that features an additional 5 songs to the 10 on the ‘regular’ album!

This year German Electro institution DE/VISION not only celebrates its 30th band anniversary, but also presents their all new, 14th studio album ‘CITYBEATS’.

The previous album of the Berlin-based duo Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam, provided the duo the highest charts position in the band’s history (11!) so far and encouraged DE/VISION to continue on this road of success with their new album. After Steffen and Thomas broadened their musical horizons again and again during their long career and at the same time exposed a refreshing joy of experimentation, on their new album they have reflected on their most succinct qualities and deliver a collection of unadorned and catchy synthi-pop pearls! "CITYBEATS" impressively demonstrates a further maturation in their songwriting: The musi- cally and thematically complex songs sound refreshingly modern, drifting with distinctive rhythms and grandiose sound design, creating numerous goosebumps that last a long time!
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