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"Popgefahr - The Mix"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
De/Vision - Popgefahr - The Mix 2CD

Last year's album 'Popgefahr' has proven itself not only a mature testimony of De/Vision's broadened horizon of experience but at the same time an ironic comment on the often pretentious damnation of pop music as an inferior art form. Meanwhile, the band has become an institution of its own, inspiring and influencing younger artists. The Double-CD 'Popgefahr - The Mix' presents itself as comprising all contemporary facets of electronic music and is the outcome of a remix contest brought to life by De/Vision. An armada of prestigious and talented international acts contributed their own personal musical background essentially turning 'Popgefahr - The Mix' into a new, autonomous piece of work. This edition has kept the chronological structure of the 10 track album and offers two different versions of the original album.

The kick off to the ...
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InfraRot item number:2009.683
Label's catalogue number:POP 005-2
1.MAndroids (T.O.Y. Remix)
2.Rage (Mesh - Tantrum Mix)
3.What's Love All About (Unpleasantsurprise Mix)
4.Time To Be Alive (Decay Inc. Remix)
5.Plastic Heart (Renegade Of Noise Floor RMX)
6.Be A Light To Yourself (Iris Mix)
7.Ready To Die (Strong Force Remix)
8.Flash Of Life (Intuition's Perfect Life Remix)
9.Twisted Story (Rob Dust Remix)
10.Until The End Of Time (Remix By ROTOSKOP)
11.MAndroids (David Nemec Remix)
12.Rage (ElEktrOartEfakt Mix By Telekommander)
13.What's Love All About (Tenek Remix)
14.Time To Be Alive (E-gens Remix) 
15.Plastic Heart (Slave Republic Remix)
16.Be A Light To Yourself (360° Precious Mix)
17.Ready To Die (Hearhere Mix)
18.Flash Of Life (Melanchoholic Mix)
19.Twisted Story (Tkach Rogue Mix)
20.Until The End Of Time (Until The End Of MAndroids Com.Pulsion Remix)