InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann




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Release: November 2022
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De/Vision - Zehn CD

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Label:Strange Ways
1.Try To Forget (Radio-Forg-Edit)
2.Your Hands On My Skin (Album Version)
3.Dinner Without Grace (Radio-Edit)
4.Love Me Again (Failure-Mix)
5.Someone To Draw The Sword
6.Free From Cares
7.Dress Me When I Bleed (Radio-Edit)
8.Get Over The Wall
9.Sweet Life (Radio-Edit)
10.Like The Sun
11.I Regret (Radio-Edit)
12.Your Hands On My Skin (1998)
13.Dinner Without Grace (1998)
14.Try To Forget (1998)
15.Moments We Shared ('98) [Live]
16.I Regret ('98) [Live]