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Dead Kennedys

"The Early Years Live"


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Release: 2005
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Dead Kennedys - The Early Years Live DVD

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1.California Über Alles (Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco, 1979)
2.Kill The Poor (330 Grove Street San Francisco, 1979)
3.Drug Me (Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco, 1979)
4.The Man With The Dogs (Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco, 1980)
5.Insight (Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco, 1980)
6.Let's Lynch The Landlord (Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco, 1980)
7.Bleed For Me (Target Studios San Francisco, 1981)
8.Holiday In Cambodia (Target Studios San Francisco, 1981)
9.Viva Las Vegas (Sproul Plaza Berkeley, 1978)
10.Band Biography