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Release: 2013
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Dead Musician - Martyrilty CD

Limited digipak first edition of new Sebastian Komor-produced project DEAD MUSICIAN! From the tortured and twisted minds of songwriter/lyricist Anthony Black and maverick musical genius Sebastian Komor comes the new project DEAD MUSICIAN – with a sound simultaneously fresh yet resonant with old-school industrial à la early NINE INCH NAILS or MINISTRY. With haunting lyrics and anguished vocals written and performed by Black and music powerfully produced by Komor.

Spawned in Canada in 2008, DEAD MUSICIAN’s earliest recordings were made by Black and Komor with session musicians and self-released – but it is with “Martyrilty” that DEAD MUSICIAN finally reveals its true face – an inspiring formal debut release “intended to take the listener to a remote area of the imagination”. At 7 songs plus a remix, “Martyrilty” may qualify as a mini-album in terms of numbers of tracks yet is entirely epic in construction and feel. DEAD MUSICIAN breathe new life into the genre!
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Label:Deathwatch Asia
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2.To Struggle In
4.The Chair
8.The Chair (Komor's Hell Mix)