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Dead When I Found Her

"All The Way Down"


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Release: 2015
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Dead When I Found Her - All The Way Down CD

Genre: electronic / industrial

What if the last part of your life is the worst part of your life? Dead When I Found Her's 2012 Rag Doll Blues was hailed as a masterpiece, mining and exploring the sounds and atmospheres of mid-80s industrial and filling out the package with a pop sensibility that was unique and fresh. On Michael Arthur Holloway's third full-length, the Portland native delves into his darkest yet exploration of sound and theme, one that represents a huge departure from the project's previous efforts.

All The Way Down is, as its title insinuates, an extreme album. The darkness of the opening track Expiring Time is easily one of the most arresting pieces the industrial movement has had in memory. But the album is not just dark, and not just pre-occupied with death for the sake of it; it isn't bleak, it's downright honest, and frightening. While still grounded in Holloway's knack for writing a beautiful pop melody, the project is on a new level here, and what initially felt like a kick-ass industrial band now feels like a meditation on your deepest fears and most private, desperate moments.
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1.Expiring Time
2.The Unclean
4.Gathering Fear
7.Blood Lesson
8.Seeing Red
9.The Noise Above Us
10.At Res