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Death In June

"Nada Plus!"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Death In June - Nada Plus! 2CD + DVD

In part celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Death In June (1981-2011) one of the most classic albums 'Nada!' is now reissued as a special limited edition 'Nada Plus!'.

The 2CD+DVD contains all the songs from the original album plus nearly all of the other material recorded between 1984-85, as well as songs from the 1993 'Dead Sunwheels' album of rarities, 1989 re-recordings, and four stripped back unreleased re-recordings (2005). The accompanying DVD (NTSC All regions) contains the 20th anniversary performance in 2005 of most of 'Nada!' plus extra Death In June material.

All artwork has been reinvented and presented in a foil blocked, eight panel, full color DIJipak, and all recordings DIJitally re-mastered.

This version is limited to 1250 copies worldwide.
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InfraRot item number:2009.350
Label:Pylon Records
Label's catalogue number:BAD VC PLUS13
1.The Honour Of Silence
2.The Calling (Mk II)
3.Leper Lord
4.Rain Of Despair
6.Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape)
7.She Said Destroy
9.C'est Un Rêve
10.Crush My Love
11.The Torture Garden
12.Last Farewell
13.Doubt To Nothing
14.Fields Of Rape
15.C'est Un Rêve
16.She Said Destroy
17.The Calling
18.Leper Lord (Unreleased Version)
19.Doubt To Nothing (Unreleased Version)
20.Fields Of Rape (Unreleased Version)
21.He Said Destroy (Unreleased Version)
22.The Honour Of Silence
23.Leper Lord
24.She Said Destroy
25.Doubt To Nothing
26.Death Of The West
27.Fields Of Rape
28.The Torture Garden
29.Rain Of Despair
32.The Calling
33.Till The Living Flesh Is Burned
34.C'est Un Reve
35.Leopard Flowers
36.Fall Apart
37.Come Before Christ And Murder Love