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Death In Rome feat. King Dude

"Na Zare / Just dropped in (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021-02-26
Status: New release in 30 days
Death In Rome feat. King Dude - Na Zare / Just dropped in (Limited Edition) Single/7

we are DEATH IN ROME. and we play neofolk. on this 7" we present cover versions of two songs you would never have expected to hear this way: "na zare / на заре" (original by alliance, cccp, 1987) one of the greatest russian new wave synth-pop hits. on the flip side you hear the country folk hymn "just dropped in" (original by kenny rogers. usa, 1967) in collaboration with king dude. it's a clash of styles and genres, a clash of the psychedelic freedom of the west and the nuclear downfall of the east. celebrate our apocalyptic pop vision at dawn, until the end.
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1.A) Na Zare
2.B) Just Dropped In (Feat. King Dude)