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Death in Rome



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Release: 2018
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Death in Rome - V2 CD

DEATH IN ROME’s second album of hilarious Neo Folk cover-versions of timeless pop classics! Their debut album in 2016 was a MASSIVE success with all our customers. DEATH IN ROME are one of the most controversial bands of the German Neofolk scene. Is this the end of the Neofolk - era or just another page? Let your turntable decide for you! Absolutely BRILLIANT Neofolk Coverversions of tracks you would never have expected to hear in such versions! Featuring classics by Kate Bush, The Pet Shop Boys, Ace of Base, The Beatles, Kaoma… and some ORIGINAL Neofolk songs… AMAZING!
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1.Sinking Sand
2.Warm Machine
3.It's A Sin
4.The Sign
5.Every Generation
7.Lion And The Lamb
8.All Together Now.