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Decoded Feedback

"Waiting for the Storm"


Release: 2016
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Decoded Feedback - Waiting for the Storm CD

„Waiting for the Storm“ is the title of the exclusive limited pre-single/e.p. taken off the forthcoming new Decoded Feedback album „Dark Passenger“, The single will be strictly limited to 300 copies and is released by Infacted Recordings for europe only. The CD will feature 10 (!) songs only to be found on „Waiting for the Storm“! The songs feature remixes by "Velvet Acid Christ“, "Leaether Strip" or "C-Lekktor“ as well as a bunch of great exclusive songs! Besides the remixes you will find a cover version of the „Dive“ songs „Mercy“, a collaboration with „Blank Faces“ as well as „Leaether Strip“ featured as guests on the song „Extinction Protocool“ A lot of great music for a small price, be fast, this one won’t be repressed!
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1.Waiting For The Storm
2.Waiting For The Storm - Vac Remix
3.Waiting For The Storm - Chrysalides Remix
4.Waiting For The Storm - Leaether Strip Remix
5.Waiting For The Storm - C-Lekktor Remix
6.This Time Forever - Cygnets Collaboration
7.Heart Of Stone - Duet With Chiffon's Tale
8.Extinction Protocol - Leaether Strip Collaboration
9.Degradation (Decoded Feedback Remake)*
10.Mercy - (Cover Version)**