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Defrag - Drown LP

everyone is able to appreciate the feeling of being in water or even a cold grip of panic from a lungful of liquid, but it is also possible to drown in a never-ending 'ocean' of duties and responsibilities. working hard in vfx business and as a sound designer caused a feeling of mental near-drowning for jeff dodson which was his main reason for a creative release by doing a new defrag release. the theme behind the album 'drown' is following the emotional ride that drowning provides, symbolized by exciting, fast-paced structures, and patterning the release after it, resolving with a calm, peaceful transition.

many of defrag's influences and ...
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1.If You Were A Dream
3.Make Them Real
4.Stilt Walkers
6.Everything I Do Is Drown
8.Entering The Abyss
9.B4 Drown