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Deine Lakaien

"April Skies (Limited Marbled Orange Vinyl)"


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Release: December 2022
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Deine Lakaien - April Skies (Limited Marbled Orange Vinyl) 2LP

Gatefold 2LP (orange marbled vinyl), printed inner sleeves (500 copies available)

The 2005 album "April Skies" is now available for the first time as a double vinyl edition — one strictly limited marbled orange and one in classic black vinyl.

„April Skies“ includes Deine Lakaien evergreens such as „Over and Done“, „Slowly Comes My Night“, „Vivre“ and „Heart Made To Be Mine“. The 2LP set also includes five bonus tracks from this period by Veljanov and Horn: single B-sides, remixes and different versions.
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1.Over And Done
2.Slowly Comes My Night
3.Secret Hideaway
4.Supermarket (My Angel)
5.Midnight Sun
7.Take A Chance
8.Heart Mady To Be Mine
10.When You Loose
11.Through The Hall
13.Falling (Hidden Track Limited Edition)
14.On A Bridge
15.Vivre (Piano Version)
16.Over And Done (Club Version)
17.Secret Hideaway (First Version)