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"Mythologie (Limited Edition)"



Release: April 2022
Status: Sold out
Delerium - Mythologie (Limited Edition) 2LP

LIMITED EDITION Double Vinyl Edition on BLACK Vinyl.

Metropolis reserved it’s release number 1000 to a VERY special one: The return of legendary DELERIUM, the Frontline Assembly side-project by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber with a first all new album since 2012!!! Best known for the platinum hit “Silence” w. Sarah McLachlan, Delerium has explored dark ethereal ambient, voiceless industrial soundscapes and electronic pop music for almost 30 years.

These and a stunning range of other influences are heard on the all new album Mythologie. With 5 beautifully talented singers from 3 different countries seamlessly blended with a gorgeous palate of electronica, Mythologie shows Delerium at its best and marks a triumphant return of Bill & Rhys on the scene!!!
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1.A1 Blue Fires
2.A2 Zero
3.A3 Keep On Dreaming
4.B1 Stay
5.B2 Angels
6.B3 Ritual
7.C1 Seven Gates Of Thebes
8.C2 Ghost Requiem
9.C3 Once In A Lifetime
10.D1 Made To Move
11.D2 Continuum
12.D3 Dark Visions