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Delphine Coma

"Tortuosa (Limited Splatter Vinyl)"


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Release: 2020-12-04
Status: New release in 40 days
Delphine Coma - Tortuosa (Limited Splatter Vinyl) LP

Limited Edition of 500 copies on White Vinyl with Black and Gray Splatters and including a Lyrics-folder in the sleeve. Eagerly expected second album by the project from Austin/Texas, who’s debut album ‘Leaving the Scene’ (April 2018) had a major impact on the PostPunk/Shoegaze scene! Delphine Coma combines elements of post-punk, shoegaze, and darkwave to create their own unique and entrancing sound using lush atmospheres and harsh guitars to create entrancing soundscapes that blur genres. This new opus has been announced by the singles "Secondary Eyes" and "Dissolve", and “Tortuosa” offers a new wall of mature sound, mixing post punk with shoegaze feedbacks. The track “Arrival” features Eric Cope of Glorious Din as special guest.
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InfraRot item number:9954.909
Label:swiss dark nights
1.A1 Light And Shadow
2.A2 Dissolve
3.A3 Lost All Feeling
4.A4 Plastic Flowers
5.A5 Arrival
6.B1 Secondary Eyes
7.B2 Desolation
8.B3 Mirror Of Ice
9.B4 Death Of
10.B5 Tension