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Demian Clav

"Wisteria Lodge"


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Release: 2011
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Demian Clav - Wisteria Lodge CD

Demian Clav's duo, led by LSK's voice, offers an impressive album. The tracks alternate tormented and gothic accents with almost classical, very atmospheric pieces. The singer's voice is the faithful story-teller of a tale between light and shadow, sometimes enriched by female chants. The album was inspired by a famous Sherlock Holmes story: 'Wisteria Lodge'. The music flows as in a mysterious and amazing ancient movie. All orchestrations, including drums (both acoustic or industrial), folk and electric guitar, cello, violins and organs, are magnificent. In this album you can find And Also the Trees dandy-like spirit, Morthem Vlade Art blackness, Ashram's romanticism, Artesia's melancholy and Legendary Pink Dots' inspiration. A deep and mysterious musical work highly worth to be discovered!
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Label's catalogue number:prik145
1.White Mirror
3.Winter Lies Sonata
4.Dead Offering
5.Useless Servant
6.Heart's Grave
8.Wisteria Lodge Enigma