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"VHS Recall"


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Release: 2008
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Denergized - VHS Recall CD

The Kaliningrad group Denergized is one of the youngest groups on the contemporary electronic scene, but also unconditionally, one of the most talented. The guys work at the mix of the cold romanticism of interrelations man-machine, resembling the sound of Haujobb in the period of 1995-96 ("Freeze Frame Reality"). The absence of dancing drive on this disk is compensated by experimentation with the depressive and gloomy elements of contemporary world, causing analogies with Wumpscut (Mesner Tracks). The group's material was created not for the nervous people. Intelligent electro -industrial will present to you an entire spectrum of sensations with the convergence downward on the stairs, which leads into the morgue of human consciousness.
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1.Phantom Limb Pain (Post Meridem)
2.Lethal (Dose 100)
3.Neuro (You Donor Blood)
4.Karma (Pattern Recognition)
5.Dna (Dead Code)
6.404 (Event Id)
7.Empty Cell (Morgue)
8.Stay Denergized (Blackout)
9.Vhs Autumn (Rainbow Hunt)
10.After Tomorrow (Ante Meridem)
12.Special Case (Without You)