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Der Blutharsch

"The Cosmic Trigger"


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Release: 2013
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Der Blutharsch - The Cosmic Trigger LP + CD

Formerly inventor of "military pop" Der Blutharsch in their history evolved towards a sort of real kinky dark rock band. Gone are the times of provoking images - on their journey towards new territories DB reincarnated and now invite you to celebrate life and love together.

If you are ready to praise the gods of the cosmic universe - then you will enjoy the ride.

For this album Dbaticotlh were:

Lina Baby Doll, Jörg B., Niko Potocnjak, Marthynna and Albin Sunlight Julius supported by: Didi Kern (Bulbul, Fuckhead), Geoffroy D, Jerry White (Seven that spells), Mazo Tomez (The Attention) Dennis Lamb, Patrice L'Amour, Lloyd James, Matt Howden (Sieben) , Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) and Sabaan.

The first edition of the LP will come with an extra CD containing extremly good and extremly different remixes by Geoffroy D. (DERNIERE VOLONTE)
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1.Blutharsch~Der · The Cosmic Trigger
2.Blutharsch~Der · Sacred Mountain
3.Blutharsch~Der · Cosmic Trigger Mk2
4.Blutharsch~Der · Zero
5.Blutharsch~Der · A Terrible Place
6.Blutharsch~Der · Hold On!
7.Blutharsch~Der · Desire
8.Blutharsch~Der · Walking In Straight Lines
9.Blutharsch~Der · Hopeless
10.Blutharsch~Der · Follow Us Instead
11.Blutharsch~Der · Flying Through The Exit