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Der Prager Handgriff

"Arbeit, Sport & Spiel"


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Release: 2011
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Der Prager Handgriff - Arbeit, Sport & Spiel CD

The 'Ruhrpott' (Ruhr-Area) is Germany's by far biggest conglomeration of industrial estates - a tumour-like accumulation of industrial parks, smoking chimneys, noisy motorways, stinking rivers and cities such as Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund or Herne whose names have become synominous in Germany with dirty, ugly, noisy, shattered areas. In short: A region that f***ed up, that today naïve tourists are visiting the 'Ruhrpott', to get a glimpse of an idea, of how East Germany must have looked like before the reunification. People 'living' in the Ruhr are the real nucleus of the German 'working class', doing the most dirty jobs in companies such as Krupp, Hoesch or Degussa or underground in the many coal mines of the area.

With 'Arbeit, Sport & Spiel' (Work, Sports and Games) Prager Handgriff deliver a 'tribute' to this tough region in Germany - a unique sort of 'Ruhrpott'-Folk in the usual, well known EBM-style of this respected German act. 'Arbeit, Sport & Spiel' is Prager Handgriff's first album since 2002's '1000 Feuer' and follows 21 years after their first tape release of 1990!
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Label:Electric Tremor
Label's catalogue number:ETD039CD
2.Bis An Das Ende Der Welt
4.Ich Denke Dein
5.Der Aufschwung
6.Die Dunkle Ewigkeit
7.Im Westen Nichts Neues
8.Ich Finde Dich
9.Arbeit, Sport & Spiel
10.Sieben Rosen