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Der Prager Handgriff

"Das Letzte Gefecht"



Release: August 2022
Status: Sold out
Der Prager Handgriff - Das Letzte Gefecht CD

„Prager Handgriff“ are for sure no band to throw out album after album. „Prager Handgriff“ release new songs whenever they feel in the need to say something. Since the release of their debut album back in 1993 „Prager Handgriff“ have established themselves in the german and international electronic scene. The fusion of electronic body music, electro and electropop has become the trademark of Witten (Germany) based music-duo Rathmann/Schäfer. On their new album „Das Letzte Gefecht“ („the last battle“) the band again pick up current affairs of our fast modern world to comment, shake up or animate yourself to reflect and think! The CD will be released as limited digi-pak in the beginning of august on Infacted Recordings.
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1.Alle Zeit Der Welt
2.Für Immer
4.Du Bist Wir Du Bist
5.Ein Leben
6.In Moria
7.Einig Vaterland
8.Böse Geister
9.Schwarzer Freitag
11.Der Klang Der Nacht
12.Mein Bruder
14.Das Letzte Gefecht