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Derniere Volonte

"Commemoration (Black Vinyl)"

2LP + Single/7"

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Release: 2019
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Derniere Volonte - Commemoration (Black Vinyl) 2LP + Single/7

Commemoration brings together my work from 1998 to 2003, 5 years when, as you will see, I recorded a lot. Minimalist, factual, often dark and very pessimistic, that’s how I conceived Derniere Volonteat that moment. My equipment was very rudimentary, my texts quickly written on crumpled books, all recorded often in one or two days. It was perhaps the moment, that I was the most productive and also, by anger, the most inventive. A few years ago I started to think of a new edition of Commemoration, a review of those years of ‚iron and lead‘, the testament of my ‚anti light‘. This is Commemoration in its new edition. Good listening. Geoffroy Delacroix October 2018TRACKLIST:

S I D E ACommémoration ...
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