InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Derniere Volonte

"Frontiere (Limited Black Vinyl)"



Release: 2019
Status: Sold out

LE250 blue vinyl and 250 black vinyl in gatefold cover and inlay.Side D contains exclusive bonus track with screenprint.CD comes in gatefold cover too and with 16p Booklet with lyrics

After a long silence, Dernière Volonté returns.The album is articulated around visions, melancolic feelings, lonliness surrounding the disappearances of dear people.Geoffroy Delacroix delivers here his 8th album and probablyalso his best & most personal work, with links to 80' retro electronics & soundtracks and nowadays powerful beats & electronics aswell.
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InfraRot item number:9953.633
1.A1 Tu Connaitras Mon Ame 3:31
2.A2 Mon Beau Miroir 5:08
3.A3 Je Parlerai Du Noir 4:00
4.A4 Tete De Bois 3:22
5.A5 Transparent 4:30
6.B1 Frontiere 5:32
7.B2 Dans L'eau 4:43
8.B3 Nous Savons Pourquoi 4:28
9.B4 Au-Dessus Des Lois 5:32
10.C1 Dis-Moi 3:12
11.C2 A L'envers 4:08
12.C3 Ton Grand Sommeil 5:12
13.C4 Jusqu'a Ce Que 4:44
14.D1 Sable 6:02