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Derrick May/Jimmy Edgar

"We Love Detroit"


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Release: 2017
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Derrick May/Jimmy Edgar - We Love Detroit 2CD

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1.John Beltran - Synaptic Transmission
2.Yotam Avni - Pentimento
3.Petar Dundov - Distant Shores
4.Kink - Hand Made (Dub Mix)
5.Kai Alce - Power Thru Pt 3 (Mush Sax Dub)
6.Deep'a & Biri - Hova
7.Carl Craig - Sandstorms
8.Federico Grazzini - Nova
9.Benny Rodrigues - It's A Spiritual Thing
10.Andres - New For U
11.Jimmy Edgar - Let Yrself Be
12.Lando Kal - Clockin
13.Jimmy Edgar - Semierotic
14.Magda - Late Night Woodward
15.Kyle Hall & Kero- Zug Island
16.Coyote Clean Up - Mount Babe Bricks
17.Noel Jackson - That You Love Me
18.Darling Farah - Body
19.Magic Touch Feat. N Dawson - Niks Groove
20.Kris Wadsworth - Connection
21.Axiom Crux - When Summer Doesn't Come