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Destin Fragile

"Halfway To Nowhere"


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Release: 2015
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Destin Fragile - Halfway To Nowhere CD

Destin Fragile was created in 1993 by Pontus Stålberg as a project for electronic pop music. A great deal of songs were written and recorded, ending up on a couple of demo cassettes. In the mid 90´s Destin Fragile appeared on some compilation CD´s in Sweden but no album was yet to be released.

After a few live gigs in Sweden with various band members Destin Fragile were joined in the late 90´s by Daniel Malmlöf and Stefan Nilsson for a couple of live shows in the home town of Örebro. At this point it was just for playing live.

Since Pontus Stålberg and Stefan ...
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1.Run Away
2.In Your Eyes
3.In The Frame
4.Alive (It's Up To You)
5.Halfway To Nowhere
6.April Light
8.Worlds Apart
9.In Plain Sight
10.Out Of The Darkness