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Deviant UK

"Very Bad Things"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Deviant UK - Very Bad Things CD

Recognised to be one of the leaders of the UK Dark Alternative Scene, Deviant UK return with their hotly-anticipated second album, showcasing a new sound that is bigger, better and harder.Deviant UK have evolved far beyond the sum of their influences while retaining the distinctive hook-laden sound that has earned the band a solid and loyal fanbase across Europe & the USA that continues to grow exponentially. Deviant UK mastermind Jay Smith lets the dancefloor tremble with its album and promises all kinds of provocative - packed into catchy sound structures.

Himself he calls his music 'Dark Synthpop', because it contains catchy melodies in the abundance, but compared with traditional synthpop this release is clearly harder and more energetic. Affected by Project Pitchfork, Rotersand or Gary Numan, Jay presents his very personal music, which goes beyond typical plates and makes it possible for the listener to identify with each song and lyric while the strong beats will lead to urge movement. The album also features a remix by Project Pitchfork's Peter Spilles!
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Label:Remote Music
2.My Black Heart
3.You Know My Name
4.Maid Of Plastic
5.Bad Influence
7.Crazy Loves You
8.Angel One
9.What Have I Become
10.Find Me
11.Why So Serious
12.Without A Shadow
13.You Will Burn
14.You Will Burn (Peter Spilles Version)