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Dexy Corp



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Release: November 2023
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Dexy Corp - Fragmentation CD

Dexy Corp is the rising IndustrialRock-hope from France. Intense brutality has ever been used by many bands as an accoustic stylistic device. But most of them used this to such an extent that it got more and more a banalized and boring phrase. Dexy Corp managed it to re-invent this brutality for themselves in order to raise the bar in the IndustrialRock genre. But they do not rest on their laurels - they go one step further.

Uncompromising songs with a skillfully done songwriting and use of instrument do not just invite the listener - they wrest him from his world into a completely new and strange universe in which dreadful and menacing future visions merge with a cold and categorical rejection of today's society. Ultra heavy industrial guitars and vertiginous arrangements will not leave any time to rest and dwarf everything else before. Whoever admires bands like Die Krupps, Ministry or KMFDM will love Dexy Corp!
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InfraRot item number:2004.719
Label:Black Rain
Label's catalogue number:BR 061
3.A Needle In Each Arm
5.Beat Me
7.Dark Bliss
8.Lie Is Life
9.Incandescent World
10.Ghost Connection
11.Death Plastic Surgery