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Diary Of Dreams

"Ego:X (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021
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Diary Of Dreams - Ego:X (Limited Edition) 2CD

Limited edition in digipak, including 17 Tracks (of which 3 not included on the 'regular' album) on CD1 and a special 4-tracks bonus-MCD with additional exclusive material.

Infos about the album:During their remarkable career, Diary of Dreams have played more than 300 gigs in 34 different countries. Even though they became known as a living legend quite early, they never stopped their creative strife for new musical worlds and concepts. As headliners, at prime slots of the most renowned festivals or on tour with the new German shooting star Unheilig - no matter on which stage, Diary of Dreams always knew how to deliver and how to win over new fans for the band.

On one track, Adrian Hates' ...
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1.Into X 
4.Element 1: Zeitgeist (2:13) 
5.Grey The Blue 
7.Element 2: Illusion
8.Push Me Feat. Amelia Brightman
9.Element 3: Stagnation
10.Echo In Me (X-Version)
11.Element 4: Angst
14.Element 5: Resignation
15.Fateful Decoy
17.Out Of X
18.The Return
19.Push Me (X-Version)
20.Undividable (E-Mix)
21.Undividable (Alternative-Mix)