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Diary Of Dreams



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Release: 2021
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Diary Of Dreams - If CD

"If" opens the ninth chapter of their dream diary, and already a few sound bites suffice to make sure: Once more the band has managed to invent themselves anew white still remaining true to their characteristic sound - a gripping tightrope walk they still master with light-handed perfection. The music of "If" is breathtaking and full of melodies, so honest, tender and exceptional it sends shivers down your spine. Just as its predecessors, "If" will fascinate fans and critics alike, but will also polarize. The lyrics are there to be scrutinized and interpreted but should never be taken at face value. Diary Of Dreams offer a challenge to the academic, analyzing observer/listener. It's the expressed wish of the band to inspire their audience, to make their fans read between the lines and to encourage them to become creative themselves. The compositions on "If" seem to be even more personal and profound, the charismatic voice of front man Adrian Hates even more versatile and the music even more eclectic. Stylistically, Diary Of Dreams have used their typical range of sounds, but there is also something new and fresh to their ninth album, something sublime and mature.
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1.The Wedding
2.Requiem 4.21
3.Odyssee Asylum
4.Poison Breed
6.The Colors Of Grey
7.Choir Hotel
8.The Chain
9.King Of Nowhere
10.21 Grams Of Nothing
11.Mind Over Matter
12.Kingdom Of Greed