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Die Form

"Ad Infinitum (Limited Casebound Book)"



Release: 2021
Status: Sold out
Die Form - Ad Infinitum (Limited Casebound Book) 2LP

Limited edition of 474 numbered copies on double vinyl with a deluxe 16-page casebound hardcover book featuring unpublished images as well as other reworked photographs taken from “The Visionary Garden”. Every copy includes a certificate and one sticker. Die Form is the seminal post-industrial electronic act started in the late 70’s by French musician and multimedia artist Philippe Fichot. He began recording a number of experimental cassettes under different names but Die Form became the main project and with which he has developed a prolific career during more than four decades. Whilst the project was still in its first stage, the underlying concepts were already evident: a combination of esoteric electronic experiments with an underlying theme of eroticism, death and other taboo subjects, apparent in both the music and artworks. “Ad Infinitum” was recorded with dark and stifling atmospheres almost simultaneously with the album “Confessions”. It includes cult pieces such as “Bite of God” and “Chronovision”, which has made the success of Die Form in clubs, alongside more ambient and industrial tracks such as “In the Evening of Life” or “Unlimited”. “Ad Infnitum” was originally released on CD in 1993 by Hyperium Records and is now being made available FOR THE FIRST TIME on [Double] Vinyl. This new edition not only includes the complete original tracklist, but also a selection of [8] instrumental versions and unreleased tracks from the same period. Ad Infinitum was later re-released by Trisol (2001), Metropolis (2002) and Irond (2003) on CD.
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1.A1 Ad Infinitum
2.A2 Unlimited
3.A3 Bite Of God
4.A4 Chronovision
5.A5 In The Evening Of Life
6.B1 Vertex
7.B2 Necrophilia
8.B3 Room 342
9.B4 Submachine
10.B5 Simulator
11.C1 Delta Neurosis Activation
12.C2 Test 050293
13.C3 Incubus
14.C4 Virus Emission
15.D1 Impudicus Rex
16.D2 Bite Of God (Instrumental)
17.D3 Chronovision (Instrumental)
18.D4 Necrophilia (Instrumental)
19.D5 Test Man Sonic