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Die Form

"Baroque Equinox"


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Release: 2017
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Die Form - Baroque Equinox CD

A new original sin. A new paradise. A new beginning, created by yet another ending. We all die every day, we all breathe every day. This endless duality becomes especially apparent in the works of electronic chameleon DIE FORM. Founded almost 40 years ago as a revolutionary live act for the both lustful and visionary BDSM scene, the infamous French artistic couple Philippe Fichot and Éliane P. to this day retained two of its essential features: their unique artistry – and their knack for throbbing club hits right on the black pulse of the present. They balance on a knife's edge, embrace both death and life, night and day, pain and love, evil and good. It's never just black or white for them. Instead, it's the myriad shades of grey that rule their art. It's the myriad shades of grey, after all, that rule our lives.

"Baroque Equinox" is a carnal ...
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1.Psychic Poison (Night Fever)
2.L'origine Du Monde
4.Erotic Self-Sacrifice
5.Night Session / Voyeur Tape
6.Bis Repetita
7.Flesh Memory
8.L'oeil Du Silence
9.Bio Machina
11.Jigoku (Blindage)
12.Cérémonie Secrète