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Die Form

"Die Form ÷ Fine Automatic A/B (Black Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Die Form - Die Form ÷ Fine Automatic A/B (Black Vinyl) LP

"This release is the unique and complete full album from one of the Die Form side-projects, named "DIE FORM ÷ FINE AUTOMATIC" (from the "Endless" short tapes serie). This one is released in double albums as two separate vinyl Ps in the context of the Archives of Industrial Music from France (offering inside this collection : identical covers, excepting specific typography of the artist or of the band and personalized logotypes) in order to point out its radical aesthetic unity and strong artistic coherence."

Industrial and automated world soundtrack, savage and (self-)destructive, condemning to self-satisfaction of desires and to erasure
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Label's catalogue number:ROTOR0043-AB