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Die Form

"Mental Camera + A Coeur de la Nuit (Limited Edition)"

2CD + 2LP

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Release: January 2021
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Die Form - Mental Camera + A Coeur de la Nuit (Limited Edition) 2CD + 2LP

Limited 2xCD+2x12“ Vinyl Edition:


CD#1 contains the full-length album „Mental Camera“ CD#2 contains the bonus mini album „A Coeur de la Nuit“


Black 180g 2x12" vinyl High quality, super-audiophile discs - German pressing! Sumptuous gatefold sleeve Black inner sleeve with antistatic lining Printed vinyl labels

Limited Edition

500 copies worldwide

The chameleon is back. And ...
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1.Au Coeur De La Nuit (Into The Night)
2.Continuum Dream
3.Les Roses Sanglantes
4.Lilium Dolorosa
5.Animal Memory
7.Memory Of Future
8.Théâtre De La Cruauté
9.Materia Oscura
10.Les Corps Purs
11.Insomniac Activity
12.Paradis Perdus
13.Between Two Worlds
14.Black Nerves (We Never Die)
15.Au Coeur De La Nuit - Mix 2
16.Before Silence And Blindness
17.The Persistence Of Fear
18.Au Coeur De La Nuit - Male Vocals
19.Au Coeur De La Nuit (Into The Night)
20.Continuum Dream
21.Les Roses Sanglantes
22.Lilium Dolorosa
23.Animal Memory
25.Memory Of Future
26.Théâtre De La Cruauté
27.Materia Oscura
28.Les Corps Purs
29.Insomniac Activity
30.Paradis Perdus
31.Between Two Worlds
32.Black Nerves (We Never Die)
33.Au Coeur De La Nuit - Mix 2
34.Before Silence And Blindness
35.The Persistence Of Fear
36.Au Coeur De La Nuit - Male Vocals