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Die Kassierer

"Gentlemen Of Shit"


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Release: 1998
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Die Kassierer - Gentlemen Of Shit CD

8 Monate lang hat "Deutschlands gitfitgste Punkband" an diesem Album gearbeitet.Ihre besten Songs in (schwarzhumoriges) englisch übersetzt.
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1.Mrs. Bayersdorf
2.My Father Was A Son Of A Bitch
3.Very Old Man
4.I'm Mighty Jesus
5.Alien, Where Is Your Asshole?
6.The Zeppelin To Glory
8.I Kill My Neighbour And Beat Up His Body
9.Catapult For People
10.Get Your Tits Out So I Can Have A Wank
11.No Money For Beer
12.Sauerkraut Man
14.God's Got An I.Q. Of 5 Billion
15.Smelly Pussy Polka
16.Dead, Dead, Dead