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Die Krupps

"I (Blue Vinyl)"


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Release: 2018
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Die Krupps - I (Blue Vinyl) 2LP

Originally released on Rough Trade Germany’s ‘Our Choice’ label in 1992, the album "I" saw Die Krupps' classic shift to metal-industrial and blew away both the EBM and metal scenes, spawning a new era for a band that has yet to call it quits.This amazing double-LP vinyl reissue not only includes the full album remastered, but as well bonus material such as remakes and early demos, including the early demo-version of legen- dary ‘Dr. Mabuse’ – the song that was to become a worldwide hit by PROPAGANDA! Side C includes five early demos, including the Metal Machine Music demo, and Side D has a mix of 2008 remakes of classic cuts as well as EBM, so-called "non-guitar" versions for the purists!
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1.Krupps~Die · A1 High Tech Low Life
2.Krupps~Die · A2 Metal Machine Music
3.Krupps~Die · A3 Doppelganger
4.Krupps~Die · A4 The Dawning Of Doom
5.Krupps~Die · A5 Ministry Of Fear
6.Krupps~Die · B1 One
7.Krupps~Die · B2 Simply Say No
8.Krupps~Die · B3 Disciples Of Discipline
9.Krupps~Die · B4 The Power
10.Krupps~Die · B5 Rings Of Steel
11.Krupps~Die · C1 Dr. Mabuse (Early Demo)
12.Krupps~Die · C2 Metal Machine Music (Early Demo)
13.Krupps~Die · C3 Doppelganger (Early Demo)
14.Krupps~Die · C4 Simply Say No (Early Demo)
15.Krupps~Die · C5 The Power (Early Demo)
16.Krupps~Die · D1 High Tech Low Life (2008 Version)
17.Krupps~Die · D2 Disciples Of Discipline (2008 Version)
18.Krupps~Die · D3 High Tech Low Life (Non Guitar Version)
19.Krupps~Die · D4 Ministry Of Fear (Non Guitar Version)
20.Krupps~Die · D5 Disciples Of Discipline (Non Guitar Version)