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Die Krupps

"Vision 2020 Vision (Limited Edition)"



Release: March 2020
Status: Sold out
Die Krupps - Vision 2020 Vision (Limited Edition) Box

Inhalt der streng limitierten Fan Box:

Digipack-Edition des Albums “Vision 2020 Vision” inkl. Bonus-DVD “DIE KRUPPS live Wacken 2016“!Exklusive, DIE KRUPPS-gebrandete Sonnenbrille in separater Verpackung!Exklusives DIE KRUPPS-T-Shirt!Exklusiver DIE KRUPPS-Aufkleber!Exklusive DIE KRUPPS-Fotokarte!

Stahl, Arbeit, Muskelkraft, Schweiß, Maschinen, ...
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1.Vision 2020 Vision 04:23
2.Welcome To The Blackout 03:59
3.Trigger Warning 03:48
4.Wolfen (Her Pack) 04:21
5.Extinction Time 04:15
6.The Carpet Crawlers 05:26
7.Fires 05:11
8.Obacht 04:32
9.Destination Doomsday 04:08
10.Alllies 03:58
11.Fuck You 03:45
12.Active Shooter Situation 04:18
13.Human 04:35
14.Intro / The Damned
15.Dawning Of Doom
17.Battle Extreme
18.Alive In A Glass Cage
19.To The Hilt
20.Metal Machine Music
21.Nazis Auf Speed