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Die Perlen

"Mein Rechter Platz Ist Leer"


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Release: 2013
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Die Perlen - Mein Rechter Platz Ist Leer CD

At a first view, this special double-EP at album length is a taster for the upcoming album and a sort of missing link back to the previous CD ‘Zurück’. On a second view though it is also a very clear statement against the “hip using of fascist symbols” and what’s going on in actual politics in Germany.

The CD comes including remakes of classic tracks by friends from all over the world and sounds much more electronic than ever before. The CD furthermore includes a FREE TICKET for a live-concert (15-5-2014) and a downloadcode for a FREE download of the EP ‘Die Perlen Live in France’! 11 tracks in total, including the new song ‘Mein rechter Platz ist leer’ (in 5 different (club-)versions, remakes of ‘Morgen’, the most popular track on their previous album in 2 great new versions, a new English version (Run for your Lives) of the song ‘Rette sich wer kann’, 2 remixes of UKSSR and last but not least a very special remake of “Grossstadtangst” (original version on album “Telektroponk”)
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1.Mein Rechter Platz Ist Leer
2.Morgen (Diesmal In Hah-Moll)
3.Run For Your Lives
4.Mein Rechter Platz (Dfm V-Mann Mix)
5.Ukssr (Dante Droid 2600-Remix)
6.Morgen (Rias64-Remix)
7.Abc-Dolf (Diesmal In Ess-Moll, Zensierte Version)
8.Mein Rechter Platz (The Machinist -Remix)
9.Ukssr (Remix By Fernando Balestro)
10.Mein Rechter Platz (Net Gen Skeptic-Remix)
11.Großstadtangst (Zurück Zur Country By Arne Marenda)