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Die Sektor

"To be fed upon Again (Limited Edition)"


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Release: May 2018
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 days
Die Sektor - To be fed upon Again (Limited Edition) 2CD

Format: 2CD (jewelcase,6-panel booklet) – Limited to 100 copies!

Finally back in print, the legendary debut album from Atlanta's Die Sektor - complete with 3 bonus tracks….and for the first 100 copies only, a 13-track bonus disc!Originally reissued in a double-digifile collector's set for a 2015 crowdfunding campaign, "To be fed upon Again" was quickly snapped up directly by Die Sektor's fanbase without ever receiving any general release...until now!

Coming this time in jewelcase, this 2018 reissue brings back the lyric booklet of the very original version from 2006 (adapted to accommodate the extended tracklist) while retaining the 3 bonus tracks and (for the first 100 copies only) contains the CD2 "Lost Sektor" which compiles the "Scraping the Flesh" EP that originally landed Die Sektor their first record deal but which was never released, plus 8 other early demos. Audio mastering of all bonus content comes like for the original 2006 album by Kolja Trelle (Soman) for maximum consistency.
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Label:Deathwatch Asia
2.The Beating Of Broken Wings
3.Follow The Screams
4.Revelation None
5.When Porcelain Bleeds
6.Mother Hunger
7.In The Arms Of Eternity
8.Through Glass
9.Prey To The Razor
10.All Turns White
11.To Be Fed Upon
12.When Porcelain Bleeds (In My Arms)
13.The Last Truth
14.Let This Be My First Decree
15.Lust Angel
16.Scraping Flesh
18.Your Deception
20.Electronic Savior (Synthetic)
21.Alpha 08 For Evil I Breathe
22.All This Will Pass