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Die Wilde Jagd

"Die Wilde Jagd"


Veröffentlichung: 2015
Status: Versandbereit in 2-4 Tagen
Die Wilde Jagd - Die Wilde Jagd LP + CD

DIE WILDE JAGD (the wild hunt) go hun-ting in the thicket of Neo-Krautrock, Electronica and Synthpop. The two musicians Ralf Beck & Sebastian Lee Philipp first met in 2006 in Düsseldorf. It seems no coincidence that Düsseldorf is the duo’s founding city: their music is full of subtle references to local acts, such as Kraftwerk, NEU!, DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses, Pyrolator, Die Krupps and Pro-paganda. Their soundscape is marked by repetitive guitar loops, electronic percussion, drums and synthesizers. Boom-ing tom-toms and medieval-sounding flutes herald the start of the hunt. Whispering, reciting voices conjure up the spi-rits of the woods, while synthetic sounds, melodies and noises flit about before they are re-captured, structured and grounded by crystalline beats and pulsating bass lines. L e t t h e h u n t b e g i n !
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