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Release: July 2020
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digitalENERGY - Nostalgia CD

Within the last 10 months „digital ENERGY“ released a well received digital single entitled „Trust“, followed by massive studio album under the name „Tempest“ which was rated extremely well by the synthpop and futurepop crowd. With „Nostalgia“ they shoot another arrow in direction of their fans. This 11 song E.P. is the logical follow up to „tempest“ and brings even more electropop pearls in the vein of bands such as De/Vision, Assemblage 23 or Frozen Plasma. Club songs as well as listening pearls, fresh, powerful and full of melancholy. The CD version of „Nostalgia“ is limited to 300 units worldwide and is expected to be sold out fast.
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1.Nostalgia (Rob Dust Single Mix)
2.Unite! (Club Version)
3.The Same Game (2020 Version)
4.Mirror (Altered Reflection)
5.Take A Ride
6.Nostalgia (Wave In Head Remix)
7.Disease (Croona’S Minimal Remix)
8.Nostalgia (People Theatre’S Mirror Mix)
9.Disease (The Psychic Force Remix)
10.Trust (Ad:key Remix)
11.Nostalgia / Disease (S.e.Pell Dual Club Reinterpretation)