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Din A Testbild

"Programm 3"



Release: March 2017
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Din A Testbild - Programm 3 LP

Early pioneers of the German New Wave music scene, Din A Testbild were formed in 1978 by Mark Eins and Gudrun Gut (former member of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mania D. and Malaria!). Din A Testbild played a significant role in defining the avant-garde music of Berlin. Legendary is their partecipation at the “Festival Genialer Dilletanten" in 1981.

'Programm 3' is their third album. Mixed and auto-produced by Mark Eins with help of Ziggy Schöning, it was released on Klaus Schulze's record label Innovative Communication in 1983.

'Programm 3' represents a moment of distance from the 'kraut' past of the band. Moving out from the legendary Schulze's studio into a home recording dimension with a basic equipment (Roland TR-808, Moog Source, EMS Synthi, tape loops), the sound of Din A Testbild is radically changing, getting closer to the experimental-electro and connecting the Neue Deutsche Welle with the cosmic disco. It's well known in fact that Din A Testbild were a favourite in the playlists of the Italian dj pioneers Daniele Baldelli and Dj Mozart, while nowdays you can find them in Matt Edwards/Radio Slave home listening mixes.
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1.The Person
2.No Satisfaction
3.The Call Of Lust
5.Naked Beach
6.The Person
7.Going Tutu
8.No Commentary