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Din Brad



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Release: August 2020
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Din Brad - Dor CD

Romanian traditional music is rich, complex and diverse. After having approached folklore music with his main band Negura Bunget for 15 years now, Negru (drums) decided to dive even further into the mysteries of this fascinating musical universe and therefore founded the project Din Brad (engl.: "from the fir tree").

The album is composed out of two distinct elements: On one side there are authentic Romanian traditional songs, sung by local performers and recorded in their original environment. On the other side there are some personal visions and reinterpretations of Romanian traditional music, performed and recorded in the studio.

"Dor" uses traditional authentic Romanian folklore music as a way to capture forgotten times and feelings. Nature, hills and mountains, deep waters, blue skies, hidden forests, home, a spiritual presence, places where the soul feels free, alienation - these elements describe "Dor" as a unique Romanian feature.
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2.Imbratisat De Dor
3.Poarce'n Suflet Greu Pacatu
5.Cintecul Cununei
7.Of, Of, Viata
9.Foaie Verde, Odolean
10.Cine Iubeste Si Lasa
11.Bradule, Bradutule