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"Fast Advance Fast Reverse (Limited Edition)"


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Release: December 2022
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Diorama - Fast Advance Fast Reverse (Limited Edition) CD

diorama will release the remix compilation „fast advance fast reverse“ as successor to their 2020 album „tiny missing fragments“.
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1.Horizons (Remix By Zoodrake)
2.Gasoline (Guitar Edit By Diorama)
3.Iisland (Remix By Faderhead)
4.Patchwork (Piano Edit By Diorama)
5.Dark Pitch (Remix By Chrctrs)
6.Iisland (Lush Edit By Diorama)
7.Gasoline (Remix By Mental Discipline)
8.Horizons (Chilled Edit By Diorama)
9.Iisland (Remix By Broken Spencer)