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Dir En Grey

"Dum Spiro Spero"


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Release: 2011
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Dir En Grey - Dum Spiro Spero 2LP

Dir En Grey release their 8th studio album 'Dum Spiro Spero' 2 years and 10 months after 'Uroboros' which garnered overwhelming support as the strongest and the maddest record resonating across the globe. In our time when heavy rock music has become diversified, the band's deep and extensive, unique perspective is once again borderless, uncategorized. This record, which encapsulates the band's present, will not only secure tremendous support from the hard core fans, but will surely gain recognition from heavy rock fans including guitar enthusiasts and Westernmusic-obsessed music fans.

There are 14 tracks including 'Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami' (featured on 'SAW 3D' soundtrack), 'Lotus', 'Different Sense' as single-cut tracks in this album. With the combination of world-noted engineers and the individuality of a Japanese born and bred band, this album will no doubt be the determining punch for Dir En Grey!

Double-LP Vinyl with 14 tracks. For the first time on Okami, there will also be a super-deluxe limited (Double)Vinyl release! The 2 Heavy Quality Vinyls come in a deluxe Gatefold Sleeve!
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Label:Okami Rec.
1.Kyoukotsu No Nari
2.The Blossoming Beelzebub
3.Different Sense
5."Yokusou Ni Dreambox" Aruiwa Seijuku No Rinen To Tsumetai Ame
7.Shitataru Mourou
11.Decayed Crow
12.Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami
14.Ruten No Tou